Intertoobs: good or bad?

Let’s just start with the acknowlegement that most of the internet is porn. Make of that what you will. I ignore it.

For the residual, well, there’s Facebook. I haven’t been sent to FB jail recently, so I am favorably disposed towards it. I get all my news online these days, so I like it for that. And thanks to my university, I have access to all the published scientific literature (and other journals) online, just a couple of clicks away. Don’t have to go to the library. And I download books to my Samsung ereader via the intertoobs, which is great for me and makes money for booksellers.

But that’s just me. What about all those people who aren’t me (IKR?)? Also too, what about teh kidz? Well, Kevin Drum has got you covered:

“Nevertheless, to the extent the happiness report tells us anything, it doesn’t tell us that internet use leads to unhappy kids. It might, but as usual there’s not much real evidence to back it up.”

The internet vs happiness