Alabama Senator Tuberville Displays his Lack of Veracity

Tuberville is a politician who campaigned to overturned Joe Biden’s electoral win over Donald Trump in 2020. He further displays his ignorance by advocating the Big Lie since the election of Joe Biden. He has some taken some controversial stances such as climate change denialism and repealing the ACA. The news media calls stances by Tuberville to be controversial. Well, it is controversial and silly too. He does not represent Alabama in a positive way.

Most recently Tommy made a remark about Pres. Joe going to NYC.

NYC does have issues with violence. How does it compare to Alabama?

Both comments are taken from “X” formerly known as Twitter.

Given the news making light of the Senator’s remarks about NYC in itself is infuriating and deliberately misleading . . . stopping short of calling it something else. The issue here being Republicans continuously making stuff up to disparage Biden’s candidacy and create an illusion amongst citizens of Biden capability of being the President. The constituency should be angry. Or maybe they should not react given the source?