In-Box Topics Which May Be of Interest

Topical Emails from all different sites. Pulled from my In-Box and which I have no time to write about. Thinking, they still may be of interest to readers who visit Angry Bear. Please be topical or at least close.


Neighborhoods And Health: Interventions at the Neighborhood Level Could Help Advance Health Equity, Health Affairs. Mariana C. Arcaya, Ingrid Gould Ellen, and Justin Steil. Housing is tied to neighborhoods. To understand how housing affects health and health equity, the role of neighborhood environments must be considered.

Who owns your medical records? GoozNews, Merrill Goozner. Cyber thieves hacked their way into the computer system at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago last week, shutting down the patient portal, email and telephone systems at an institution.

Expensive Generics: Where Direct-to-Consumer Pharmacies Fall Short, MedPage Today, Kristina Fiore. The most pricey generics weren’t often available at Amazon, Costco, Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs.


Two Obscure Cases about Fish May Disempower Health Agencies, | MedPage Today. Suhasini Ravi, JD, MPH, Andrew Twinamatsiko, and Lawrence O. Gostin. Chevron deference is the understanding experts in administrative agencies, rather than lay judges, are better suited to answer the scientific and technical questions in agency-administered statutes.

Anchorage Fell in Love with a White Raven, The Atlantic, Ash Adams. Throughout the fall, a rare white raven breakfasted at a McDonald’s and lunched at a Wendy’s in Anchorage, Alaska.

Atlantic Ocean is headed for a tipping point − once melting glaciers shut down the Gulf Stream, we would see extreme climate change within decades, The conversation. René van Westen, Henk A. Dijkstra, Michael Kliphuis.

Why 2024 may be the year of the Brompton, Lloyd Alter, “The humble bicycle is such a mighty tool for living a sustainable lifestyle.”

Scientists drilled an ice core from Antarctica and were alarmed by what they found, CNN, Laura Paddison. Evidence from a 2,000-foot-long ice core reveals that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet shrank suddenly and dramatically around 8,000 years ago.

Economics and Business

Stock-Market Outlook: Tech Stocks Can’t Keep Sustaining the Rally, business insider, Aruni Soni. The stock market just did something for the first time since 1987.

Bring Office Cubicles Back; Improve Employee Productivity, Hybrid Work, business insider, Kelli María Korducki. As people are called back to the office, many are yearning for the privacy and focus of the once-maligned cubicle walls.

No More Excuse for Surcharges: the Target for Precautionary Balances Has Been Reached, Center for Economic and Policy Research, Authors. Surcharges are additional fees that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) charges countries with relatively large and long-term loans. They significantly increase the debt payments.

Car and truck front ends reach new heights, Carbon Upfront! Lloyd Alter. Every year I take my tape measure to the Canadian International Auto Show to see how high the truck and SUV front ends are, and we have a new winner: The GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Ultimate. 

Black History Month: Entrepreneurs and innovators who shaped the economy, Quartz, Laura Bratton. Historians mark Black History Month by highlighting some of the people who have shaped the economy as we know it.

Wealth disparities by race grew during the pandemic, despite income gains, report shows. Quartz, Cora Lewis. A strong performance in financial markets, particularly an outsize gain for the stock market in 2021, helped entrench existing trends of wealth inequality during the pandemic.

Better Economic Forecaster Than JPMorgan, BofA Shares Her 2024 Outlook., George Glover. In January 2023, Román locked in her forecast for the year, telling the WSJ that she was expecting the US’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to expand by 2.8%.

American consumers are finally cheering up, The economist, But Americans themselves have been much harder to please. The most closely watched gauge of popular sentiment about the economy—a monthly survey conducted by the University of Michigan . . .

Lawler: Update on “Is the “Natural” Rate of Interest Back to Pre-Financial Crisis Levels,” Calculated Risk, Bill McBride. I project existing home sales as estimated by the National Association of Realtors ran at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.02 million in January, up 6.3% from December’s preliminary pace and up 0.5% from last January’s seasonally adjusted pace.

Raising Wages through Sectoral Bargaining, Roosevelt Institute, Alí R. Bustamante. “Despite high rates of wage growth over the past two years, the stagnant federal minimum wage and declining rates of union density have contributed to the suppression of average real wages for many Americans.”

Boeing Disaster Proves Americans Businesses Greedy Mentality Is Broken, business insider, Linette Lopez. America’s businesses gambled that ‘greed is good.’ Now they’re losing that bet, big time.


The American City With a Message for Migrants: We Want You, WSJ, Alicia A. Caldwell. While many American cities are struggling with large numbers of newly arrived migrants, Topeka is inviting anyone and everyone with permission to work in the U.S. to come its way.

The REAL Threat at Our Border, The American Prospect, Rick Perlstein. Trump, Republican governors, and MAGA media have summoned their armed fanatics to the Rio Grande.


Diamondback and Endeavor merge as oil, energy rivals consolidate, Quartz, Bruce Gil. Once oil rivals Diamondback Energy and Endeavor Energy Resources announced Monday (Feb. 12) that they are merging to create a $50 billion oil giant in the Permian Basin.

The Gas Industry Squeeze Play, The American Prospect, David Dayen, The Biden administration has paused new permits for natural gas export terminals. The industry is fighting back by trying to facilitate gas exports from Mexico.


Who’s on Trial, and When? Civil Discourse, Joyce Vance. Surprise Indictment Today. In the Central District of California, David Weiss, the DOJ Special Counsel in the Hunter Biden case, indicted Alexander Smirnov for making statements he knew were false to federal agents and for falsifying records in a federal case, both felonies.

2024 Arizona Homeowners Coalition Legislative Update #8,, Dennis. The predictions of the last two updates have come to fruition, of the 27 original HOA related bills 13 have died based on the assigned committee chairman refusing to hear those bills in their committee. The good news is that every bill that we opposed suffered that fate, but the bad news is that 4 of the 5 substantial and vital bills that we proposed also died. Much going on here!

In-Box Topics Which May be of Interest – Angry Bear.