Personalized medicine

I went to an optometrist yesterday. Among the various gizmos I was assaulted with was a device that imaged the back of my eye. The doc showed me the images. In addition to my blood vessels, my optic nerves and my macula visible directly, the software also supplies tomography at various position across the field to reveal the thickness of my retina at any position. It was very cool.

I had a similar experience with imaging in the dental surgery office when I had my dental implants a few years back. The x-rays immediately showed up on a large monitor, where I could see the details of jaw bone tissue relative to the implant base. Again, very cool.

Of course, imaging has been a feature of colonoscopies for many years, but I missed it because I elected to be sedated. A physician colleague stayed awake for his and watched it on the monitor. No thanks.