In-Box Topics Which May Be of Interest

Another array of emails collecting in my In-Box offering up articles besides junk. Some interesting reads and others not so. Picked what I thought might be the best. Some are hawking subscriptions too. I like to subscribe to newsletters and magazines. The problem being never getting a chance to finish reading them all.

Climate and Environment

U.S. cities are getting rid of parking minimums, NPR, Laurel Wamsley. Cities are throwing out their own parking requirements – hoping to end up with less parking, more affordable housing, better transit, and walkable neighborhoods.

My TMU Sustainable Design students on how to fix the world, Carbon Upfront, Lloyd Alter. Teaching sustainable design is tough; it is constantly changing. Who was teaching about embodied carbon a dozen years ago?

Climate change has displaced millions in Pakistan, China and India,, Chelsea Ong. As the number of climate disasters increase, more people are also being forced to flee their homes, especially in Asia.

The energy world remains fragile but has effective ways to improve energy security and tackle emissions, IEA Executive Report, Multi-Segment Report on Global Energy – Good Read.

A chemical disaster occurred almost every day in 2023,, Emily Atkin. There were at least 322 hazardous chemical incidents in the U.S. in 2023, according to the Chemical Incident Tracker.

Earth911’s 2024 Mission: Reduce Environmental Impacts By 50%, Earth911, Mitch Ratcliffe. Why 50%? To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, the United Nations urges society to reduce CO2 emissions by 45% by 2030.


Hospital Complications Rise After Private Equity Buyout, MedPage Today, Crystal Phend. Medicare data point to additional reason for concern

Falls may soon be the leading cause of death, Carbon Upfront, Lloyd Alter, The majority of falls take place in the home, and the majority of those take place in the bathroom.

On the Health Docket for the Supreme Court’s 2024 Term, MedPage Today, Lawrence O. Gostin and Sarah Wetter. Justices are inserting themselves into the most socially controversial issues in our nation.

Millennials accidentally saved America’s feet, The Atlantic, Amanda Mull. A feet story and how I ruined them. A few weeks I ordered some orthopedic house slippers.

Reimbursement to Pharmacies for Generic Drugs by Medicare Part D Sponsors, JAMA Network. Inmaculada Hernandez, Nico Gabriel, Anna Kaltenboeck. By inflating the amount paid to pharmacies, PBMs make patients pay more because patient cost sharing is based on point-of-sale reimbursement.

What Happens When Private Equity Takes Over a Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Jake Miller. “The classic private equity buyout uses a small amount of cash, but a large amount of debt.”

America’s not-so-hidden public health crises, GoozNews, Merrill Goozner. The new year is a good time to issue a report card on the health status of the American people. On every front, I marked the box that says “needs improvement.”


The Key to Unlocking Prison Reform, The Atlantic, Neil Gross. Prisoners need a path to redemption.

Death Sentences Are Given Based on Looks & Nebraska Gov Refuses to Feed Needy Children, Kareem’s substack Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. A new study finds that the facts of the case are not the sole determinant of whether or not a jury will issue a death sentence—based on the research, certain “untrustworthy” facial features appear to play a significant role in capital-punishment sentencing. 

US applications for jobless benefits rise but labor market remains solid,, Matt Ott. More Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week, but not enough to raise concern about the labor market or broader economy.

Immigrants make up record share of the US construction labor force,, Foreign-born workers are helping make up for the ongoing construction industry labor shortage.

Why can only the rich and powerful go bankrupt? Robert Reich, Giuliani falsely claimed stole the 2020 election in Georgia for Joe Biden, Giuliani filed for bankruptcy.

Ford F-Series Trucks Continue 47-year Top-of-sales Streak, DBusiness Magazine, Ford Motor Co. in Dearborn maintained its 47-year best-selling truck streak in 2023 thanks to more than 700,000 customers choosing to buy a new Ford F-Series truck.

Fed’s Barkin sees likely soft landing ahead but notes rate hikes still a possibility,, Jeff Cox. Expressed confidence that the economy is on its way to a soft landing. “Still a supply driven issue.”

Bill Ackman’s Wife, Neri Oxman, Plagiarized in Her MIT Dissertation, business insider, Katherine Long and Jack Newsham. Business Insider found a similar pattern of plagiarism by Ackman’s wife, Neri Oxman, who became a tenured professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2017.

How America’s oligarchy has paved the road to fascism (Why American capitalism is so rotten), Robert’s substack. Robert Reich. Concentrated wealth and power are undermining democracy. Here’s what Joe Biden ought to be saying and doing about it.

The Year’s Last Jobs Report Is Strong, Roosevelt Institute. To close out 2023, the economy added 216,000 new jobs in December, exceeding the expectations of economists and finishing off a strong year for the economy.

Labor Market Recap December 2023: Concerning Signals Under a Lot of Noise,, Preston Mui. In December, the labor market risks shifted further over towards unemployment.

Focus on Fracking: Year end natural gas supplies at 8 year high; record jump in gasoline supplies; distillates demand at a 29-year low. rjs


Maersk halts Red Sea shipping until further notice after Houthi militant attack,, Spencer Kimball. All shipping through the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden until further notice after one of its vessels came under attack from militants over the weekend, the company announced Tuesday.

Cape of Good Hope Route Costs Korean Shipping Companies up to US$2 Million More than Suez, Businesskorea, Michael Herh. Major shipping companies to divert their routes around the Cape of Good Hope off the southern tip of Africa instead of the Suez Canal in the Red Sea, costing them up to US$1.5 million to US$2 million more in fuel.

The Latest Executive Order Demands that the Semiconductor Industry Act Now, SupplyChainBrain, Anne Marie Lacourse. Global supply chain works until it does not. Political interests act in their best interests at the expense of global interests.

Container shipping market outlook for 2024, seatrade-maritime, Marcus Hand. Container shipping is under pressure from large amounts of new capacity coming into the fleet. Events in the Red Sea are boosting spot rates at least in the short-term.


Mark Cuban Clashes With GOP Senator After Elon Musk About Diversity Inclusion: ‘If You Were Trying to Make a Stupid Comment, You Nailed It,’ Benzinga, Navdeep Yadav. A clash between $billionaires and a silly politician.

USPS workforce diversity grows, but doesn’t always reflect in leadership ranks, Federal News Network, Jory Heckman. A recent watchdog report finds USPS workforce growing diversity doesn’t always reflect in its leadership ranks.

Nature’s Animals

Homeowner finds “couch potato” coyote making himself at home on patio furniture, Homeowner finds “couch potato” coyote making himself at home on patio furniture. “A good laugh.”

Beloit WI police share animal antics from across the years,, Wyatt Bandt. After working to get a chicken back home over the weekend, the Beloit Police Department reminisces about other animal antics it’s been involved in.

In-Box Topics Which May Be of Interest, Angry Bear