Warning to Democrats: you stab Biden in the back?

Warning by Ten Bears from Homeless on the High Desert.

I can understand Ten Bears anger with other Democrats who appear to be wavering over Biden. What happened in 2016 was Democrats not coming together in support of Clinton.

Bloomberg “If you fear that Biden may not be up to the task of safeguarding democracy next November, you need do only one thing to supplant him as the Democratic nominee: then Run.” Ten Bears like myself has no problem with Biden even though he was not my fav in the past. He has proven himself by guiding this nation through a pandemic and set the economy to growing in spite of the pandemic.

Three states put the election in the hands of trump. If you have had enough of trump’s ignorance, threats and lies, then there should be no wavering on voting Biden in for a second term. In three states it did not take many votes to put trump in office.

In response to Ten Bears, I would hope he thinks carefully about voting for Mickey Mouse, etc. in anger. We had enough of such voting in 2016.

Shot Across the Bow …’ Homeless on the High Desert, Ten Bears. A commentary on voting . . .

Warning to Democrats: stab Biden in the back, you will not enjoy my support

I will write in Mickey Mouse for every candidate from President to Assistant Dogcatcher in East Cupcake Idaho, vote yes and no on every ballot measure

I have watched you stab John Kitzhaber, the most popular Governor in the history of the State of Oregon, elected to an unprecedented fourth term only months prior, in the back; watched you stab Bill Clinton in the back, someone I was not a fan of though like his wife was forced to vote for. I mark the Reagan Democrats’ rat-f****** Jimmy Carter as the start of the rathole we’re down, and I still hold the Democrats as responsible for Trump as the Republicans: if they had ran anyone else Trump wouldn’t have happened. Stabbed us all in the back

I set aside my personal feelings, set aside the three strikes Joe Biden’s policy making, the three times Joe Biden personally did me harm, to vote for the greater good. That I was forced to it is moot. I am pleasantly surprised though I shouldn’t be given his experience that he has been the man for the job, the man to turn this mess around.

A President on par with Roosevelt and Johnson.

The man to usher in the next generation, and there lies the crux of it, me’thinks: you back-stabbing Reagan Democrats don’t necessarily have a problem with Joe Biden, he’s a white guy, a member of the club, a good ‘ol boy. Tip and Ronnie

I have been registered No Party Affiliation since we could. 1988, I think. I’m not pleased with it but I voted for Nixon … I wasn’t the only one, the Clintons were Young Republicans too; and I have voted for Republicans a number of times down through the years: city councilors, county commissioners, a couple of sheriffs and district attorneys, even a state treasurer. People I was acquainted with and confident in. The confidence I have in the Democratic Senators where I currently live as well as back home, one of whom I campaigned for. My Mickey Mouse votes were in the Reagan/Bush years, the Carter ratfuck ~ I have voted, regardless my lack of affiliation, Democrat, oft times under duress, since Clinton

I’ve been up the mountain, down the river: you’re not pulling wool over my eyes

The Republicans have openly declared the intent to End American Democracy and turn us into a NAZI Republic and with multiple well-financed third-party chaos agents mounting their own threat the Centrists, the Corporate Democrats, the Reagan Democrats … the Republican Democrats want to switch dicks in the middle of the screw!? Jerk the rug out from under the best we’ve seen in 60 years

Joe Biden is the man for the job today, Kamala Harris the woman for the job in the future. If you change that, if you stab Biden/Harris in the back, you’re no better than the NAZI Republicans, you are Republican, and you might as well just go ahead and vote for Trump because that is exactly what you’ll be doing

I’ll be writing in Mickey Mouse for every candidate from President to Assistant Dogcatcher in East Cupcake Idaho, voting yes and no on every ballot measure

Do not stab Joe Biden, Kamala Harris in the back; stab all of us in the back.