Louis DeJoy’s USPS Plan to Improve Its Service

The first five of these commentaries taken from Steve Hutkins Save The Post Office discuss issues with Louis DeJoy’s USPS plan to streamline the U.S. Post Service. Management teams are going out to various sites to explain what is going to take place. The teams do the presentations; but, they are not answering the questions being asked of them. In some instances, USPS management has refused to do town halls at the facilities for workers and citizens. It appears to be a one side sided affair. Typical Louis . . .

The last commentary concerns counterfeit stamps. USPS is telling us clearly there is no major discounting (50% or more) of stamps. The ones being sold at major discounts are counterfeit. any piece of mail or package with counterfeit postage will be considered as abandoned and destroyed.


Postal town hall in Richmond, VA, canceled after USPS declined to participate, Save the Post Office, December 4, 2023.

The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office released this statement:

“As a public service, the Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office offered to sponsor a “Postal Town Hall” so that representatives from the U.S. Postal Service would have the opportunity to answer questions from residents throughout the city who have had a variety of issues with mail delivery and mail theft. Unfortunately, despite multiple conversations with, and assurances from, U.S.P.S inspectors and supervisors, the US Postal Service has declined our invitation to participate in a Town Hall meeting to provide answers to the residents they are supposed to serve, especially during this holiday mailing season.

Rep. Tim Burchett blasts PMG DeJoy over USPS arrogance at Knoxville consolidation meeting, Save the Post Office, December 2, 2023

On November 30, the Postal Service held the required public meeting about the consolidation of operations from the P&DC in Knoxville, Tenn., to the P&DC in Louisville, Ky.

Employees who attended complained they weren’t given any information and were instead made to feel like leadership doesn’t care about them.

In a Letter to Mr. Louis DeJoy, Tennessee Congressman (R) Tim Burchett” blasts Louis DeJoy. My staff attended the meeting and reported to me that your staff stared blank-faced at my constituents who were asking legitimate questions, and never even acknowledged that a question was asked, let alone bothered to answer one. Your employees — my constituents — deserve to be treated with more dignity and respect than was on display during this wasteful, useless public spectacle.”

State officials sounding alarm over possible closure of mail processing facility, senate.gov

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice blamed the ongoing study on the Biden administration, warning that as many as 800 employees in West Virginia would be impacted by a closure of the facility.

“We are going to fight and we are going to fight as hard and diligently as we possibly can,” Justice said, adding that the state has received acknowledgement from the postmaster general of Justice’s letter of opposition to the possible closure.

If the facility were to be closed, it would impact mail delivery service across the state, causing “disruptions, real hurt and lateness” in mail delivery, Justice said.

AB: Gov. Justice’s comment is BS. The PMG is selected and appointed by the Board of Governors of the Postal Service. The postmaster general then also sits on the board. The PMG does not serve at the president’s pleasure and can only be dismissed by the Board of Governors. The appointment of the postmaster general does not require Senate confirmation. Many of those commissioners were selected by Republicans.

Changes could be coming to USPS processing center in in Fort Wayne, workers upset, Save the Post Office. December 1, 2023

Officials with the postal service are considering making some changes to the city’s Processing and Distribution Center, including turning the facility into just a Processing Center and moving some operations from Fort Wayne to Indianapolis.

USPS officials held a public meeting Wednesday to discuss potentially restructuring the center.

But they didn’t answer any questions.

Plan to improve Lehigh Valley mail delivery by sending it to Harrisburg derided by locals, workers – Save the Post Office. December 1, 2023

During the presentation, officials offered a few details on the United States Postal Service’s Mail Processing Facility Review studies, focusing on the Lehigh Valley Processing and Distribution Center. And while presenters reiterated the “streamlined” process could lead to substantial savings, assumptions about delayed deliveries took center stage.

One of the most contentious elements of the presentation detailed a plan to ship mail originating from the Lehigh Valley and the Poconos to Harrisburg for processing before it is sent back to the Valley for further processing and delivery.

USPS warns of consequences of counterfeit stamps, abc15.com, Kirsten Johnson. December 8, 2023.

USPS only sells postal stamps at face value. So, if you see an ad for stamps at ridiculously low prices, they’re likely counterfeit. Using, selling, or depositing items with counterfeit postage is a fraud, a federal crime. People may be liable for criminal or civil penalties; in some cases, imprisonment can be up to five years.

This year, USPS changed its regulations to declare any piece of mail or package with counterfeit postage as abandoned and to be disposed of. That means, if you use fake stamps your mail may never be delivered. Stick with a trusted provider – better safe, than sorry.