An honorable Republican

I’ve only voted for a Republican once (John Anderson, in a presidential primary in North Carolina), but if I lived in Vermont, I might vote for Republican governor Phil Scott:

“Many point to his steady hand during crises, including last summer’s historic flooding and the pandemic, when he appeared in daily, low-key televised briefings to reassure Vermonters and encourage them to take social distancing and mask wearing seriously. Vermont, a sparsely populated state, had the nation’s lowest incidence of COVID and lowest death rate.

“Perhaps even more attractive in a state where Democrats and independents outnumber Republicans four to one is Scott’s willingness to buck Republican orthodoxy. He repudiated President Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric and actions, and publicly acknowledged he voted for Joe Biden, which made Scott even more popular in a state that rejected Trump more decisively than any other.

“His decision in 2018 to work with Vermont’s Democrat-dominated Legislature to pass the state’s first significant gun control measures brought new admirers even as it lost him much of the Republican base.”

This is what a real conservative looks like. They don’t mint them like this anymore.

Honest conservative in the GOP