Swift but Not Serious

I believe that I have caught a typographical error in the New York Times. The article is interesting, it alleges that Taylor Swift fans may decide the Argentinian presidential runoff (voting for the center left Sergio Massa and not for the right wing Javier Milie). A pop singer with actual measurable political influence (in a foreign country even) makes me think of the 70s as does Javier Milie’s hairstyle (longish, tousled, & with sideburns and it seems to be working he has a lot of support among the young — Taylor Swift saving Argentina from distraction by appearances would be one of brilliant comedian History’s better jokes).

I feel well informed on Swift and recognize a good faith effort to teach me about K-Pop (the group which trolled Trump by having their fans order tickets to a rally then not show up is also involved and is identified by 3 letters which I could look up but won’t). However, I do not know which candidate is ahead in the polls, because the text says Milie is 4 points ahead and the caption to a graphic says Massa is ahead.

Also Massa looks alarmingly like Kevin McCarthy with dyed hair which is not promising. It’s time to click a link . Bummer, Milei is slightly ahead (main text correct, the typo in the legend). The countereffort better some Swiftly — K?