Fact-Checking Niagara Falls Bridge Crossing Crash Misinformation

Much of this information is taken from HuffPost, my experiences traveling from Michigan to Upstate New York monthly, and crossing back and forth into and out of Canada at the Niagara Falls Bridge Crossing.

It is hard to misbehave on the Rainbow Bridge crossing going from Niagara NY to Niagara Ontario or vice versa. There is usually traffic and it is closely monitored. What was an innocent trip changed after 911. Surveillance was stricter as were the border officials in their booths.

My home was in Livingston County Michigan and my job was in Cazenovia, NY. To keep working, I stayed in New York for three weeks. I would make a trip once a month to home and and work in the Michigan office. I used the Rainbow Bridge Crossing when I took the Canadian route. It added too much time waiting in line. I reverted to the US route in my manual transmission Saturn Ion.

Surprising NYT read today about a couple in a 2022 Bentley Flying Spur, which can reach 60 miles per hour in four seconds, crashing on the Rainbow Bridge. The couple who died were business owners from a town near Niagara Falls, N.Y. Not sure how a wealthy couple would do this on the Rainbow Bridge and in a Bentley too.

I did not expect the BS to come out on this reported tragic accident or mistake. It did though as it was picked up by various news media outlets. Why? Because the politicians made it more than what it was. Just add the word “terrorists” to the story. Border security and illegal aliens come into play as brought to you by Republican politicians.

Sen. Ted Cruz’s (Republican-Texas) tweet: “the explosion at Rainbow Bridge was a terrorist attack.” His tweet still remains on his X (formerly Twitter) page on Friday morning.

This confirms our worst fear: the explosion at Rainbow Bridge was a terrorist attack.

Both attackers are dead, and one law enforcement officer is injured.

I am praying that officer makes a full recovery and is able to spend Thanksgiving surrounded by family and loved ones.

Thank you to our law enforcement officers who are remaining vigilant and working to protect Americans traveling for Thanksgiving.

A wealthy couple were heading to the Falls casino to gamble after a “Kiss” concert was canceled.

Kari Lake, the Arizona MAGA star running for the U.S. Senate . . .

There might have been an attempted terror attack, and “if so, our worst fears are being realized,” accusing President Joe Biden of “inviting this kind of chaos into our country.”

“It was only a matter of time before bad people took him up on his offer,”

Another Arizona make-believe Congressional Representative Andy Biggs commenting . . . what a surprise!

Praying for our CBP officials and first responders.

Our borders are under attack and the Biden Administration continues to sit on its hands.

It’s long past time to put Americans first. https://t.co/0V8NAhUC9h — Rep Andy Biggs

I pray they all would shut up.

Representative Eric Swalwell Fact-Checks Republicans Over Bridge Crash Misinformation,” HuffPost,
Josephine Harvey