Driverless cars

Count me among those who hope for the dawning of the driverless car age to happen soon. If I live long enough, the day will come when someone—my wife, my daughter—will extend their hand to demand the car keys. The prospect of being able to summon a driverless car to take me to the grocery store, hardware store, doctor’s office, theater, etc. is alluring. If I lived in Manhattan, I could take the bus or subway to any place I’d likely want, but public transportation coverage is too incomplete here in Rhode Island.

There’s a lot of discussion around whether driverless cars are safer than the average driver. But the average driver won’t be able to afford their own driverless car for decades. Waymo is targeting the taxi business, where cars will be on the road most of the time earning money for their owners.

It looks like driverless taxis will be a practical reality sometime in the next decade in parts of the US that never see snow or rain. That’s not New England.

Driverless cars aren’t ready for prime time yet