What percent of our Atmosphere is CO2?

Congressman proves global warming scare is just silly.” Commentary by Dale Coberly.

 [from Forbes Breaking News]

House Transportation Committee Holds Hearings

On Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

…..in which Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) gives master class in lying without telling a single lie . . . all in a calm and reasonable voice

 He asks the panel:

What percent of our Atmosphere is CO2?

They don’t know.  He presses them to guess.  They guess 5%, 7%,8%.

He tells them the answer is 0.04%.

They are stunned.

Why that’s just too small to have to worry about!

I just wanted to mention that all this depends on the complete ignorance of the people, the.panelists, and especially the online commenters who believe the congressman has just proved how silly the whole climate change hoax is. He has saved the country from the ignorance of those who want to save us from a meaningless level of carbon dioxide.

He continues in a quiet and reasonable voice,”i just wanted to underline this as we get all giddy about making everything electric.  especialy when they are taking out power grids and shutting down dams and barely avoided closing the nuclear plant”  “  as a farmer i wouldn’t be happy to be running out and replacing a million dollar piece of equipment because someone wants it to be electric.” “contorted into doing tiny change in CO2.”  “if we get below .02 plant life starts to die off”. “why would anyone be changing out all that equipment you’ve been upgrading?”  “all this all that”

All of his terrible examples assume no one is going to build the grid, or that the nuke doesn’t need to be closed for reasons having nothing to do with changing to electric vehicles, and no one is going to make you throw away your brand new farm equipment, though you may want to replace it when it is worn out with  more efficient electric farm equipment, after the grid brings electricity to your farm (something FDR did in the thirties which the LaMalfa’s at the time calles “socialism”).

0.04% is a pretty small number.  Can’t have any importance in the real world.  Small numbers are like that.  you don’thave to pay attention to them. 

 0.0003% of potassium cyanide in your body will kill you instantly, but that’s a hundred times less than the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere so you don’t have to worry about it.  Rght?

Note that he gives himself away: “if it gets down to .02% plant life will start to die off.”  Apparently a small change (0.02% is half of 0.04%) can make a big difference.  But no one noticed.