Millions Strike and Protest in France

“France Is Furious”: Anger Grows at Macron for Raising Retirement Age as Millions Strike and Protest (, Democracy Now.

This is what happens when you let “the government” (“rich” taxpayers of a “progressive” tax) pay for your Social Security.  American Social Security was created “worker paid” by FDR exactly to avoid this (“so no damn politician can take it away from them”).

And for more than 80 years that has worked.  but lately the Left has been calling ..”demanding” “make the rich pay.”  this is suicide.  If the rich pay, they willl own it and they will decide when you can retire,  but if we keep paying for it ourselves, then we can decide when to retire…when we need to, or when we want to, whether we have “hard” jobs or just want to do something with the rest of our lives besides make more money for the boss.

The actual cost to close the “huge unfunded deficit” in Social Security’s future finances would amount to about a dollar per week increase in the payroll tax each year for the average worker.  this is because that worker will be living longer and is exactly what living longer wold cost him anyway, or will cost “the economy” anyway with or without Social Security.  Social Security just provides insurance against inflation, market losses, or even a lifetime of wages too low to  be able to save enough for retirement.

It’s the best deal workers have ever had. don’t spoil it by getting greedy over an extra dollar per week.

note: the Right has been calling for cutting or otherwise destroying Social Security for their own reasons ever since it was invented.  they claim it is a cause of the Federal Debt.  that is a lie,  SS is entirely paid for by the workers and has no effect on the Federal Budget.

I don’t know why Democrats have let them get away with this lie. My guess is that they all . . . just like the Republicans are in the pay of the “wealth establishment” which has been conducting a world-wide campaign to destroy all forms of Social Security using the “aging population” scam to say “we can’t afford it.”  We can afford it.  And we need to understand that. [it is not “the young paying for the old.” The young are paying for their own future needs, exactly the same as if they were putting the money in the bank, except with far better security.