All Electric comes to Heavy Equipment

I thought this would be interesting to our readers, especially those who are following the development of electric vehicles. Electric has infiltrated heavy equipment.

This is Volvo’s latest all electric excavator: EC230. It is a 23 metric tonne (25 ton) machine. Not small. It is just like their diesel version but with batteries and an electric motor. 264KW of battery power. They are in the double digits for sales already. They have it structured for 4 to 5 hr run time then a 150KW, 1 hr charge and your good for the rest of the day. The battery life is 2000 to 5500 charging cycles.

Keep in mind, unlike a diesel machine, if this machine is not moving then power is not being used. I’m assuming that Volvo had to take into account power drain as hydraulic power draw increase in order to state a 4 – 5 hr run time. It really is fascinating what this machine is.

I know they have a portable charging station that can run off solar if needed. I have seen it in a prior video.

Enjoy. At the end they mention prototype a hydrogen cell powered 30 ton site truck. That’s coming in another video.