On Leverage

Archimedes is said to have to have said, “Give me a place to stand and a lever and I shall move the earth.” They say, “Give us a seat and we will screw up The House of Representatives, the Nation.” They proved it.

NRA said, “Here’s some cash.”

There is no distance between the Freedom Caucus and the NRA.

Forty-two current, give or take, with six of seven from southern states, nine of ten from red states, with noted alumni that include Mulvaney, Meadows, Gohmert, DeSantis, Rohrabacher, and Sanford; all are more motley than representative.

Poor Kevin. Not really – none more deserving. Poor America. We deserve better than this.

In politics, leverage means tyranny. In Republican politics, primaries are used as leverage. From business, Trump knew well the art of leveraging. As a developer; the art of using someone else’s money to do it. The lessons from The NRA, Tea Party and Freedom Caucus weren’t wasted on Trump, Bannon, et al. Easy leap for him to lever his way into control of the Republican party, from there, the Nation.

From business to politics, of late, we’ve been all too leveraged.