Kaiser Permanente Commits LIbel

I received an e-mail from Kaiser Permanente with a link to click. I clicked the link and learned that Kaiser Permanente (KP) has libeled me. Below see a definite assertion of fact. KP definitely asserts that I have ignored my legal obligations (the required DPT vaccination — I will not present proof on this point here — might as well admit it). KP’s accusation is false. KP did not perform due or any diligence.

I assert that KP’s conduct is a tort and totally unacceptable. Rather than accept it, I have filed a complaint and written this blog post.

proof that the claim is false (not the part which accuses me of neglecting my legal requirement — I don’t have the proof that that libelous claim is libelous on hand — but it is).

See the proof that Kaiser Permanente’s definite claim of fact is false. They made the false claim with reckless disregard for the truth. It is not material libel as I was the only person told the false and damaging claim about Robert Waldmann.

Now that the libelous claim has been made public by someone to whom they sent it (me) Kaiser Permanente must correct the record. Immediately.