How do you solve a problem like George Santos?

Can he be recalled? No
Can he be charged with a crime for lying about his bio? No
Can the House of Representatives refuse to seat him? No


He can face criminal and civil fraud charges for lying on documents submitted to government entities and investors.
He could be extradited to Brazil to face criminal charges there.
He could be censured or expelled by the House.

There is approximately zero chance that Kevin McCarthy and his band of merry insurrectionists will force Santos to resign, since he would be replaced by a Democrat. And there is certainly zero chance that Santos will resign on his own, since he can continue to serve even if tried and convicted on federal tax charges, for which he is currently being investigated.

So unless and until the House GOP puts country before party (i.e., coterminous with the first verified report of porcine aviation), they and we are stuck with Santos through 2024. Sad.

George Santos lied to voters. So what are the potential consequences? – Gothamist