What is happening in Brazil

I googled [what the hell is happening in Brazil] and the only ones of the firsts 10 hits on the election are on how the military found no evidence of fraud. (your googling will vary as google shows me what it expects me to click and now knows much more about me than I do). It is very alarming and sad that the military has expressed an opinioni on a matter which is none of their business (I don’t blame the generals, I think they had to, see below).

OK Brazil demonstrations leads me to France 24

Protests wane in Brazil, but diehards stand by Bolsonaro

but on Twitter I see huge demonstrations (your Twitter stream will certainly differ). I think what is happening is that, after trying to Trump his election loss with real demonstrations, Bolsonary has switched to virtual demonstrations — posting week old videos on social media suggesting that they are current.

Now I have to admit that January 6, 2021 would have been a lot more pleasant for a lot of people who work at the US capital building if Trump had been so 21st centruy Web 4.0, but I personally am pisssed. They scared me (very easily done).