‘Kill them’: Threating 2022 Midterm Election workers

‘Kill them’: Arizona election workers face midterm threats,” (msn.com), Linda So, Peter Eisler and Jason Szep

Some more information on counting votes. Guess where?

Election workers in Arizona’s fiercely contested county of Maricopa faced more than 100 violent threats and intimidating communications. This was occurring during the run-up to Tuesday’s midterm Election. Most of the threats alleging election conspiracy theories were promoted by former President Donald trump and his lackies. After the election, we were watching Kari Lake stomp around yelling at Maricopa County officials.

What is strange about this? Well for one thing, Maricopa County has a majority Republican County Board of Supervisors. Four of the 5 supervisors are Republican. In response to Blake Master’s accusation and Kari Lake’s fits, Maricopa Republican Chairman and Supervisor Bill Gates had this to say addressing the specific accusations from the RNC;

“I would prefer that if there are concerns that they have, that they communicate those to us here. I’m a Republican. Three of my colleagues on the board are Republicans. Raise these issues with us and discuss them with us, as opposed to making these baseless claims.”

Didn’t stop Kari Lake from stomping around and making more baseless comments. To make matters worse there are two Democrats amongst the Maricopa County officials, a Supervisor and the Sheriff.

I took the liberty of looking up the Maricopa County elections results for 2022. These are the unofficial election results (November 13, 2922) for Maricopa County in the Governor’s race. The numbers are in.

UNOFFICIAL COMBINED RESULTS General Election Maricopa County November 8, 2022, Page 5
Elector Group Counting Group Ballots Voters Registered Voters

“The harassment in Maricopa County included menacing emails and social media posts, threats to circulate personal information online, and photographing employees arriving at work. This, according to nearly 1,600 pages of documents obtained by Reuters through a public records request. All related to threats and harassments against election workers.”

The news media is not reporting all the Voter information. There are a lot of Democratic Voters and even more Republicans in Maricopa County. The Maricopa County Administration is mostly Republican and the administration is run by Republicans. The news media is not reporting this information. Meanwhile Kari, trump, and the RNC are complaining about Maricopa County like it is a Democrat stronghold. It is not.

One statement by the news media on vote gains is misleading. Hobbs gained 48,562 (see above results) more votes in Maricopa County to add to her 26,000 initially. At the end of the Maricopa County count, Hobbs had supposedly gained 48,562 more votes.

“Lake gained ground among Maricopa County voters, where officials reported a big update of 97,000 votes in the evening. Lake won the majority of those, over 54%, eating into Hobbs’ lead in the county and cutting it from about 57,000 votes to 48,500.”

The point to this commentary is Republicans attacking Republicans in the 2022 Midterm Election. The news media has not said much about Maricopa County being Republican led. Neither is the news media reporting accurate. It was not till recent has there been a reveal of Maricopa political leadership. I thought they were doing fine.

This Arizona election appears to be wrapping up. Republican will go on ranting and making more threats.

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It’s not looking good for Kari Lake. I picture John McCain laughing his head off,(msn.com), Laurie Roberts