Sowing Fear, Anger, and Distrust Amongst Citizens

The destruction of the Congressperson occurs near the end of the first clip. In the beginning of the clip, Margaret Brennan is discussing various issues. She begins by building a foundation of statements. At the end, she asks why is he firing the weapon when stating we should fire Pelosi? I do not get the bravado of some of these “wannabes.”

Margaret Brennan is right. GOP Rep. Tom Emmer actions incite others to violence.

CBS Anchor Margaret Brennan Absolutely Destroys GOP Rep. Over #FirePelosi, Video: ‘You’re Shooting A Gun! Our Viewers Just Saw It!’” (, Tommy Christophe

Next up. The Fox News blurb about the attack om Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s husband.

The Fox News response to the Pelosi attack, in 40 short seconds,” ( Meidas Touch offers more of the Republican coverage besides commentary. Even if you do not like the coverage, listen to the Fox News coverage skewing what took place.

“Justice Alito Says Supreme Court Leak Made Him and Other Justices ‘Targets for Assassination’,” (CBN News)

About one minute into this tape, Alito claims the Dobbs leak gave people a “rational reason” to assassinate a Justice. Why can an opinion be claimed to be rational reason to assassinate anyone? The comment makes no sense. He also points to the Kavanaugh attempt which was foiled by the assassinator himself when he called the police on himself.

Are his fears justified? We do not hear much about SCOTUS. It is pretty secure like the Capitol building is now.

“Arizona official says election deniers are “playing with our democracy,” 60 Minutes, YouTube.

October 20, 2022: The chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors told 60 Minutes election deniers in Arizona “have unleashed something that they don’t understand.”

Cold evening in Phoenix.

Been in Arizona about a year now. The evening intimidators have been out people watching. The only other bad issue here is the racetracks called I10, S347, I202, etc. Speed limits, stop signs, and red lights are mere suggestions.

The series of Youtube clips is to emphasize the limits people, organizations, and the courts will go to intimidate people. Making them afraid to come out and vote. One person was taking pictures.

“An open letter to Professor Boudreaux: why fear progressives and BLM protesters?” Angry Bear, angry bear blog.

“What Did the Founding Fathers Fear?” Angry Bear,