Donald Boudreaux pushes junk science on vaccines

Because Hayek would, right?

I have previously discussed Donald Boudreaux’s penchant for encouraging vaccine hesitancy (see here, here, here).  This is disgraceful, it kills people.

But he’s at it again.  This time he uncritically quotes a Wall Street Journal op-ed by the crank Surgeon General of Florida, Joseph A. Ladapo, arguing that young men should not be vaccinated against COVID.  (Boudreaux’s headline states that Ladapo is opposed to boosters for young men, which shows how carefully he read the article before amplifying it; Ladapo is opposed to vaccination.)

Look, there is a concern about myocarditis following mRNA vaccination of young men.  We can (and should) try to evaluate that risk and compare it to the risk of getting COVID without being vaccinated or boosted.  But that is not what the junk study by Ladapo does.  Honest.  Boudreaux could look at the study and see.  Or he could look at the commentary which is easily available on line.

But that’s not the way Boudreaux rolls.  That’s not what his version of classical liberalism is about.  He isn’t interested in being a trustworthy information source.  He just uncritically amplifies whatever ideologically attractive arguments come over the transom in his libertarian media cocoon.  If he likes the conclusion, no need to worry if the information he passes on is accurate.  And if some poor souls happen to get killed in the process, well, that’s just the price we pay for liberty.