Ted Cruz’s School Security Bills

Senate Democrats on a Wednesday back a while ago blocked two bills from Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas). The bills would be using COVID-19 stimulus funds to bolster school security and mental health resources for students. Sounds like a much -needed idea given past circumstances. Cruz’s proposals:

The Securing Our Schools Act, which was cosponsored by Sen. John Barrasso (R., Wyo.), would double the number of police officers in public, charter, and private schools, strengthen physical security measures like alarms and locks, and put thousands of mental health professionals in public schools.

The Protect Our Children’s Schools Act ​​would fund that effort, appropriating billions of dollars in unspent education-related COVID funding.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D., Conn.) objected on the Senate floor to both, killing the legislation after Cruz sought unanimous consent.

It was one of those “look out Senator Murphy, it’s a trap” moments which will allow Republicans to babble on about how Democrats blocked bills to protect students in school. Murphy was correct and these were not clean bills. Strings attached which Ted Cruz never admits too.

In the clip you will hear Senator Chris Murphy objecting to the Bill requiring unanimous support before discussions and passed. Then we hear Senator Ted Cruz get up and berate Democrats for about 5 minutes. Cruz puts on a great show of injury by Murphy’s objections and is weeping crocodile tears over it.

But, but, why??? Why did Senator Chris Murphy object?

The rest of the story . . .

“The Cruz bills would have allotted $25 billion to place security officers and mental health workers in schools and tripled FEMA’s grant program for school security. Cruz’s bills would also bar schools supposedly teaching critical race theory or advocating for abortion from the funds.”

These were not clean bills. Cruz’s attempt was meant to block the teaching of history and provide information on abortion.

On an airplane flying to other than Cancun, Mexico Cruz is heckled by a young passenger behind him. The topic was his vote against the bill for bullet-spewing-weapons (guns) control. I had hoped the young heckler would tie Cruz’s more recent vote to the bill’s the CRT actions too.