Michigan’s Abortion Initiative Going on the November Ballot

Last week the Michigan Supreme Court rejected a tied Michigan Board of State Canvassers inability to approve an abortion rights initiative placement on the November ballot. MSC directed the Michigan Board of State Canvassers to place the abortion initiative on the ballot.

The issue over the tie was the amendment’s spacing and formatting potentially causing confusion amongst voters. Republicans were given an excuse rejecting the initiative. Looking at the spacing and the formatting of the petition there is an issue. The formatting complaint starts under the page entitled “Initiative Amendment Petition to the Constitution” and under Article 1 Section 28.

See below going from numbers 1, 2, and to 3. Paragraph one, three, and five show issues of words run together. I am sure there are more.

Whoever did the artwork needs a boot in the butt. There are more issues too. Is it too difficult to read? Only if a reader makes it so. The original print is small. Follow up with a boot in the butt to the one who did the proofing. Don’t give Republican an edge. When taken to the Michigan Supreme Court by Democrats, the court directed the Board of Canvassers who were tied 2-2 to place the initiative on the November ballot. So far, a win unless Republicans go shopping for a friendly Federal Court in South Florida maybe?

Petitioners collected about 750,000 signatures, far more than the 425,000 signatures required.

Michigan Supreme Court says voters to decide on abortion,” : NPR, Michigan Public Radio, Nick Pluta