The raid

As taken from Infidel753‘s Blog, Infidel, “The raid.” Written not even two weeks ago and accurate as to what took place leading up to the raid, reactions by “wingnuts,” and the blogosphere perspective on what they call an illegal raid. Republicans deceiving themselves is still on going since January 6.

Rather than aligning themselves with the rule of law, Repubs are off on another journey of denial. They missed their chance to call it quits and are stoically taking their lumps while in denial. Story to be continued.


It’s much too early yet to assess the real significance of yesterday’s raid on Merde-a-Logo, but a couple of thoughts do occur to me.

First, something of such magnitude would not have happened unless there were serious plans in the works to pursue a case against Trump.  For over a year the blogosphere has been full of bleatings that Garland needed to hurry up, that Trump was getting off scot-free — forgetting that the prosecution of an ex-president would inevitably be a complex and sensitive matter and that it would take time to get things right and make sure the case against Trump wasn’t bungled in some way, which actually would let him get off scot-free.  These cries of impatience always sounded to me like the kid in the back seat whining “Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?” at the adult driver.  Well, it looks like we’re almost there.  Be glad the adults took the time to get everything right.

Second, the emerging narrative on the wingnut internet seems to be that the raid shows the US is being reduced to banana-republic status, because the Justice Department and the FBI are being used to harass a political opponent.  This is, of course, nonsense.  The rule of law means that no one, even the highest, is above the law.  If Trump’s cult-figure status and former position of power made him immune to facing the same prosecution anyone else would face for the same crimes, that would make the US a banana republic, with one law for the common man and a different law for the high and mighty.  If Trump is arrested and charged, he will get a proper trial, with lawyers and a jury and the presumption of innocence, just like anyone else.  That’s as it should be.

The wingnut blogosphere is predictably outraged.  There may even be violence, especially if and when Trump is arrested.  But the course of justice cannot allow itself to be swayed by that, either.  If the decision whether to prosecute Trump is influenced at all by the threat of mob violence (or threats from elected officials), then the rule of law really is dead, replaced by de facto mob rule.

But so far, it looks like the system is working — and the rule of law remains supreme.

Infidel753 Blog “The raid