Sunday Morning Quote – Joe tells It All

Joe Manchin came to the table in agreement with the new IRA provisions. This left Senator Sinema as the only one blocking the Inflation Reduction Act. To reach an agreement, Democrats were forced to narrow a key provision of the recently enacted Inflation Reduction Act because of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz.

“We had a senator from Arizona who basically didn’t let us go as far as we needed to go with our negotiations and made us wait two years. Those type of things — I don’t question anybody, everyone’s responding to their own constituent base. But we did get something. And it’s the first time we made a positive move in that.”

Joe Manchin said in a video of the event that was viewed by NBC News.

“How Democrats’ surprise climate and health care bill came together after months of setbacks and reversals,” (, Scott Wong, Ali Vitali, Sahil Kapur, Frank Thorp V and Mike Memoli

Feel free to form your own conclusions . . .