Senate majority leader Sinema caves on the Inflation Reduction Act

One person (Sinema) appears to want to hold the latest attempt to pass some form of the America Rescue bill hostage.

A spokesperson for Sinema did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Without her support, Senate Democrats can’t advance the package in the 50-50 Senate over GOP resistance. The party is employing a tactic known as budget reconciliation to avoid a GOP filibuster and pass the bill along party lines.

Eliminating carried interest is a goal that’s eluded both Republican and Democratic administrations for a decade. Carried interest is the percentage of profits that hedge-fund managers receive from lucrative investments.

But that compensation is taxed at a lower capital gains rate that maxes out at 23.8% and doesn’t face a higher income tax rate like most Americans pay on wages from their job. Critics argue it amounts to a major hole in the tax code.

The Arizona Democrat opposed efforts last year to either close or narrow the loophole. But that puts her on a collision course with another critical vote: Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

Manchin has expressed strong support for the measure. Last year, he joined two Senate Democrats in sponsoring a bill eliminating carried interest. “The only thing I was adamant about was the carried interest,” he told reporters on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Manchin told reporters he “had not heard” reports that Sinema wanted Democrats to eject carried interest and no one had spoken to him about it.

“Kyrsten Sinema reportedly wants to block Democrats from narrowing the carried interest loophole benefiting rich investors”(

So, it looks like one Primadonna does not know what the other Primadonna is doing (maybe, maybe Sinema and Manchin are not in cahoots together?).

Let us step back a little. In 2017, trump and Republicans passed a tax break bill and rearranged income tax returns using Reconciliation. In this case, if the bill is not deficit neutral by 2027, it goes away. It goes away for people but not for corporations.

Indirectly, Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act will impact people by a ~1% increase in costs. However, the neutralizing factor in Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act are extensions of the ACA subsidies, reduced prescription drug costs for seniors, lower-emission sources of energy, etc. There is a $68 billion dollar tax increase which comes from a “15% minimum tax on corporations reporting a profit to shareholders but use deductions, besides credits and other preferential tax treatments to reduce their effective tax rate well below the statutory 21 percent. It would also narrow the benefits of the carried interest tax provision, which largely benefits high earners who work in private equity and other parts of the financial industry.” Instead of taxing as ordinary income, which for most GPs would be the top marginal rate of 37 percent, it falls into the top capital gains rate of 20 percent.

Understanding carried interest is to understand the workings of DC. It’s an issue a lot of people care a little about but a few people (with a lot of money and lobbying clout) care a lot about. And Senator Kyrsten Sinema will hold it hostage until she gets her way,

Instead of torpedoing the act like Sinema and Manchin have done in the past, Sinema and Manchin has decided on a different approach. Reporting from Congress:

Senate majority leader Sinema said Democrats had “agreed to remove” a key tax policy targeting wealthy investors that aimed to address what is known as the “carried interest loophole.” She also signaled they had made additional tweaks to a second provision that imposes a new minimum tax on corporations that currently pay nothing to the U.S. government.

“Democrats, Sinema reach deal on Inflation Reduction Act, after key changes to tax policies” (

‘The latter set of revisions are likely to benefit some manufacturers, according to two people familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition anonymity to describe the unreleased details. Many, “many” corporate executives, including local Arizona business leaders, had petitioned Sinema to consider the consequences of the tax in recent days.

With it, Democrats opted to seek a new 1 percent tax on corporate stock buybacks, a move that would make up at least some of the revenue that might have been lost as a result of the changes, the two people familiar with the matter said. And party lawmakers agreed to set aside new money at senate majority leader Sinema’s request to respond to climate issues including drought, according to the sources.

Senate majority leader Sinema said she would await a final review from the chamber’s parliamentarian — a critical step in the process that allows Democrats to move their spending bill — at which point she would “move forward” on the measure known as the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. 

It was said President Biden could be heard talking to himself about the development in the Oval Office. Describing it in a statement late Thursday as a “#G#@d!!*“critical step finally reached with senate majority leader Sinema to reduce inflation and the cost of living for America’s families.

With that, former Senate majority leader Schumer” and others retired to the Senate Pub for boilermakers. Preident Biden was expected to join them.”

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