FBI Warrant sought nuclear weapons documents at Mar-a-logo

An angry Attorney General Garland yesterday called former commander-in-chief trump’s bluff. In an unusual move, Garland asked the court to unseal the search warrant and the nature of the inventory of property(?) taken from Trump’s home. This came after heavy criticism by trump, Republicans, and also an attack on the Cincinatti FBI office. “trump himself broke news of the search, thereby shattering his own expectations of privacy, in order to orchestrate a political firestorm to discredit the investigation.” With trump’s” breaking of the news of the search, Garland was able to ask for the unsealing of the search warrant. This allows the public to view the reasons for the search warrant.

“trump” relied with inuendo and supposition casting aspersions on the Department of Justice, Garland and the Biden Administration. Rather than wait for the purpose of the search warrant to be revealed, Republican leaders and supporters leaped to the defense of trump criticizing the DOJ’ actions.

The presence of US nuclear weapon documentation was thought to be in trump’s residence. This may be what prompted the quick search warrant. If this is the issue, one would wonder why would trump be in possession of any Secret, Top Secret, etc. documentation?

A chemist who worked on nuclear weapons at the Los Alamos national laboratory and blogs at Nuclear Diner, Cheryl Rofer said there were varying classification levels applying to different kinds of documentation. None of which should be in the closet of a former president.

Rofer, wrote on Twitter.

“Information about the design of nuclear weapons called Restricted Data is ‘born classified’. It is assumed to be classified unless declassified. She added: “There’s no reason for a president to have nuclear weapons design information that I can see.”

Garland is pushing back on Republicans noise over the unprecedented search warrant at a former President’s home. “Lawmakers, media pundits and Trump supporters have unleashed unhinged claims that the US is now nothing more than a police state, with a Gestapo-like secret police, and has descended into tyranny.”

I guess we will see what happens now. I doubt Garland would entrap himself. He must by now have knowledge of what trump was in possession of and how critical it was.

More to come for sure.

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