The dark underside of modern libertarianism, redux

In a previous post, I pointed out that Jeffrey Tucker, the founder of the libertarian Brownstone Institute, has a personal history on race related issues that . . . raises some awkward questions.  I concluded as follows:

I have no idea what the truth is here or what Tucker’s views on race are.  But the willingness of at least some libertarians to make common cause with racists is deeply troubling.  Racism is not only wrong, it undermines support for democratic government.  Fanning the flames of racial animosity is a threat to all of us. 

A couple of days ago, Tucker started complaining publicly about the treatment of slavery at Monticello. 

I guess outrage about mask mandates and myocarditis just doesn’t generate the clicks anymore.  But a guy has to make a living, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tucker go full critical race theory if the pandemic continues to recede.

BTW, we sill don’t know who funds the Brownstone Institute.