Strange Fruit

For the sake of the nation, the current Supreme Court majority needs to acknowledge that they were wrong and rescind their decisions on Roe, EPA, Guns, Church and State, Vaccinations, and School Prayer; then, resign en masse. They need to do so in order to save the nation the agony of the traditional fifty – one-hundred years wait for overturning such odoriferously bad decisions: in order to reduce the strain on our already strained democracy. As further housecleaning, while they are rescinding, and for these same reasons, they need to rescind other slightly precedent, equally as odoriferously and heinously bad, decisions such as Heller, Citizens, Shelby, and Rucho.

Once the likes of these six were culls to be tossed aside by the legal community and the US Senate. Then, one group, itself an operative arm of the libertarian party and successor to the Ku Klux Klan, saw these odds as an opportunity in husbandry. The Federalist Society would cross breed these odds and get pedigreed nutcases. It worked. They got Thomases, Alitos, and Gorsuches, along with nutty hybrids like Roberts, Kavanaughs, and Barretts. The Nation got badly screwed.

SCOTUS Partisanship Is Very Dangerous for Democracy, Says Legal Scholar | Amanpour and Company