In The Scheme of Things

“What’s in it for me?” they asked. They being the transactional species. “Truth be, nothing,” was the answer. Truth be, there was nothing they nor anyone else could do in their lifetimes that would make it better for them, their kids, or their grandkids. Too late. So, they kept on doing the things that would kill the very thing that had given them everything.

There was a time when they believed that this that had given them life and everything else had done it for them out of its love for them. A time in the past when this species sought to give back. But, that was a while before. For some time now, it has been, “What’s in it for me?”

In space, time is distance. From self-centered and self-absorbed to one-way transactional is hardly a small step in space-time. But a speck when compared to all time. Not even that. All time is in billions of years.

Oh well, it was a noble experiment; even if short. As in all the universe, here on earth the search for equilibrium will continue. Little doubt, some of earth’s species will survive; maybe even a few million of these transactionals. For sure, not enough for them to wreak havoc again for a good long while.