What We Are Missing in the Hearings

I am disappointed in the reporting on these Hearings and the Hearings themselves. This is the second time people are applauding statements from the January 6th Committee Hearing. In this Hearing we experienced former 4th COA Judge Luttig slowly, carefully, and legally make a statement on conversations he had concerning Pence and what trump was trying to get Pence to do.

After his conversation with a Pence attorney, Judge Luttig tweeted a message saying Pence did not have the power to reject electors. No bells went off in his head as to why the question or why trump was demanding. This is another example of responsible people doing nothing.

Everyone knew trump is a volatile person prone to excesses, having his own way, and his tantrums. No warnings went out.

I am sorry Prof. and my fellow commenters. This is what I read as reported by CNN Politics.

“On January 5, 2021 – after Pence’s lawyer, Richard Cullen, called Luttig asking for help – Luttig tweeted a statement explaining that the Constitution gave Pence no powers to reject electors and overturn the election, as Trump was demanding. Pence cited the statement in his letter on January 6 explaining why he would defy Trump and certify the election.”

Exclusive: Retired Republican judge says January 6 was ‘well-developed plan’ by Trump to cling to power | CNN Politics

I do not “tweet.” I do little on Facebook or the other communication devices out there. I still buy books. When I travel long distance, I might reread Kennedy’s “Rise and Fall of the Great Powers” or tackle something new such as “Theory of Justice.” I am somewhat old fashion in such matters. In other matters, I am very accepting.

I was around for the Nixon Hearing. This one statement by Howard Baker keeps resonating in my head:

“What did the “president” know, and when did he know it?”

Howard Baker: the real story of his famous Watergate question – CSMonitor.com

Strike the word president and insert Luttig, Barr, Jacobs, Cullen, Pence, etc. into this question.

How many people died in this failed attempt? How many were suffering injuries physically and mentally? The bombs planted never went off and Harris escaped injury or death.

No question has been asked if the person there for questioning knew of a potential issue on January 6. For that matter, no one reacted to the meeting trump had with the insurrectionists earlier. Jordan knew as did other of the uppers.

The judge did not know enough to warn of this activity or questioning??? Luttig was measuring his words to protect himself from potentially being indictment. As a judge, one could expect the question (Bakers) to have arisen in his head during a Hearing.

Sorry, I am still disappointed,