Rapid 2020 Recovery, Faster than Previous Recoveries

Coming from a different source of information . . . Employ America emphasizes a rapid recovery in 2020 as measured from a pre-recession peak till now. If you recall the 2008 recovery after Wall Street and banks were faltering was by far longer. In this case, we are looking at a Covid inspired period of layoff as compared to previous recessional layoffs.

Due to Joe Biden programs and the support of Dems, the nation and labor’s 2020 recovery proceeded at a far more rapid pace than previous recoveries.

“Managing The Endogenous Slowdown: Transitioning From A Rapid Recovery To Non-Inflationary Growth” (employamerica.org)

“If you liked this chart last month, you’ll like it even more this month. We are on track to have our first prime-age employment recovery–in many decades–that will not be generationally disastrous. Don’t take this recovery for granted . . .” Skanda Amarnath (Neoliberal Sellout) Employ America

Employ America commentary fits with what I was thinking about with a series of words and supporting detail. Skanda Amarnath’s graph brings clarity to the issue of where the nation is economically, which is far better than what it was in 2008.

Amazing what a properly sized and targeted stimulus package can do for the economy.