No convictions in Michigan governor kidnap plot . . .

DETROIT – Actually this is Grand Rapids, MI home of the Western District Michigan Federal Court.

The historic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer kidnap plot trial ended with no convictions Friday,  delivering a blow to the government as it failed to convince a jury that four men were domestic terrorists determined to harm the governor because of her COVID-19 restrictions.

AB: Not sure if I would call this historic. Several times and under their “right” to carry firearms, armed protestors showed up at the state Capitol and were allowed inside the Capitol building. Capitol guards were present. I would still be uneasy with these folk running around armed.

The jury acquitted Daniel Harris on all four counts, and Brandon Caserta was acquitted on the one count of kidnapping conspiracy — so both men are free to go.

The jury deadlocked on charges against Adam Fox and Barry Croft, so a mistrial was declared for those defendants. 

Defendants maintained “they were victims of entrapment and the FBI came up with the kidnap idea and pressured them into saying and doing things they wouldn’t have otherwise.”

AB: Some fumbling around here as they should have been convicted.