Russia / Ukraine tweets, logistics, public opinion, sanctions

First, a twitter thread on war reporting (click through if interested):

The pictures coming out of Ukraine have played an essential role in rallying Europeans and Americans to aid the Ukrainian cause.  But it is so difficult to keep these emotional pictures from overwhelming our judgment.  Especially for those of us not expert in military affairs.  How can you look at pictures like this and think about negotiating and compromising with Putin?

A big problem in reaching a negotiated end to hostilities will be persuading Americans and Europeans to ease up on sanctions.  It’s such a perfect opportunity for political grandstanding, but without some relaxation of sanctions it will be much harder to persuade Putin to declare victory and end the carnage.

And another logistics thread:

Quite a dismal picture of the Russian logistics situation.  Hope this is right.

I’ve been wondering about this:

No idea what this means for the effectiveness of sanctions.  This response is interesting:

I still have no idea what is going to happen, but I am pessimistic.  Even if the logistical position of the Russian army is as bad as some think, stalemate may just lead wanton destruction of Ukrainian cities from a distance.  I fear much more death and destruction in Ukraine’s future.