Nope! On Taxing the Rich

Maybe I am missing something along the way here. Or is there just so many times when you go and kick the football and Lucy or in this case Joe Manchin decides to move the football again. Joe Manchin ain’t no cartoon character and I am not Charlie Brown. Somebody has to be getting a bit angry by now. We are trying to appease a chameleon, a child, or just a plain liar.

Manchin; “I’ve heard people say that before the July 4 break, you should have something done if you’re going to do anything because coming back might be futile.” As Joan McCarter at Crooks and Liars is saying Manchin gives himself full deniability in this quotation.

So what is the huckster from West Virgina up to now? Here is Joan:

The objectively corrupt Manchin should be pleased and at least a little bit willing to start playing nice with Biden. One, he’s now been exposed as corrupt by The New York Times, which should clip his wings just a little bit, and he also forced a presidential budget catered primarily to him. Too bad The New York Times story didn’t come pre-budget; Biden would have had a bit more leverage to tell him to stuff it.

At any rate, the budget is being touted by the White House as the biggest deficit cutter and most friendly to police, ever. Third Way is raving. But is it going to work? Who knows.

“Senator Manchin is always willing to engage in discussions about the best way to move our country forward,” said Samantha Runyon, spokesperson for Manchin. “He remains seriously concerned about the financial status of our country and believes fighting inflation by restoring fairness to our tax system and paying down our national debt must be our first priority. He has made clear that we can protect energy independence and respond to climate change at the same time.”

He’s actually not all that into tax fairness, as it turns out. He’s already rejected Biden’s billionaire tax, a plan to impose a minimum 20% income tax rate on the top 0.01% of earners and households worth more than $100 million. That includes “unrealized investment income.” Manchin doesn’t like that.

“You can’t tax something that’s not earned. Earned income is what we’re based on,” he says, although you can entirely tax things that aren’t earned. “Unrealized gains is not the way to do it,” he told reporters, shooting down the 20% minimum tax. That’s what one gets trying to please the senator from West Virginia.

Senator Maserati Houseboat Opposes Billionaire Tax | Crooks and Liars

Now I am not no redneck with a baseball cap turned the wrong way or driving a noisy, over-powered pickup burning gasoline faster than it can be made. I have been known to challenge a Senator or two at Garden parties or in an elevator. That is the nature of the beast and why people love me so much . . .

This is beyond ridiculous.

Manchin is definitely on the record advocating for higher taxes on the wealthy. Just some other kind of higher tax on the wealthy, apparently. Also note that many of the wealthiest Americans don’t actually “earn” much of anything—they pay for their lifestyles by borrowing against their stock holdings and avoid paying taxes that way. If Manchin insists the only way they can be taxed is on what they earn, well, Manchin is full of shit.

Things are going to start getting hard, period, for millions of Americans as COVID-19 relief programs start ending, and there’s no Biden Build Back Better plan to replace them. And this is happening while he sits high in his houseboat “Almost Heaven” while he makes life hell for those looking up at him asking why are you doing this to us?

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