A Recipe for Failure

A government to consist of three coequal branches, the Legislative, the Executive, and the Judicial was chartered in that order by the first three articles of the U.S. Constitution. Three coequal in order to provide checks and balances on one another lest any one of them should become too powerful was the reasoning.

Perfectly understandable, given the world of the late 18th. To have foreseen a time when one or more of the branches didn’t believe in government would have been difficult then, but for forty years and more now, we have one of our two parties denouncing government. We now have a majority of the third branch of government of the same mind. Then they rightfully feared authoritarianism. Of late, we’ve been moribund with too little government.

The republican party obstructed the investigation of Russia’s connections to the Trump campaign, and the Supreme Court went along. The Republican Party and the Trump Administration impeded any and all investigation of Trump’s actions leading up to two impeachment hearings, and too often a majority the Supreme Court went along. The republican party refused to hold Trump responsible for his impeachable offenses. Today’s Republican Party doesn’t like government but adores a corrupt would be autocrat. A majority of the current Supreme Court Justices hold the rights of employers and business to be above those of the government. Today, fully one-half of our national government is opposed to itself. Do they not know that they are a part of government?

We didn’t deal with the COVID pandemic at all well; though to deal with such is a most important role of government. Some governors tried. President Biden tried. But, a majority of the third branch of government held that government didn’t have the right; if that right existed, it belonged to the states by way of the 10th Amendment (my how they do love the flaws in the Constitution). Hundreds of thousands of Americans died because the Supreme Court of The United States ruled the the government did not have the right to govern; especially if doing so might infringe the rights of employers, businesses, states, and Walter Mitty Cowboys anywhere. This is not going to end well.

Climate Change is the greatest existential threat facing the United States, the World. A majority of the current Justices have ruled that the government doesn’t have the right to take the actions that need be taken — lest they infringe the rights of capital, or the individual states. Almost all, if not all, Republican Senators and the most sorry Sinema and Manchin oppose any meaningful governmental action in re Climate Change. From slavery to the Confederacy, from Jim Crow to 1965, from 1965 to Shelby; my how those most flawed love the flaws in the Constitution.

Wake up Ye Nonpartisan Federalist Society Member Republican Supreme Court Justices! Rightfully so or not, you are lifetime members of a coequal branch of government. Government isn’t inherently bad. A strong government is essential to any nation’s survival; never more so than now in America. Yours is not to look after the interests of capital and other special interests. Yours is to be a coequal part of government. Yours is to be bigger than yourselves.

Wake up Republican Party! You are much a part of the greatest internal threat to democracy our Nation has seen since the Civil War. Corrupted from top to bottom; it is time for you to clean up your act, your house. Time for you to put America first. Else we will surely fall. Is that what you want? If you so despise government, please do the Nation a favor and get the hell out of it.