The Manchin mess

I understand why congressional Democrats are frustrated with Manchin.  But what on earth is the point of this:

“I do believe the president when he said to us, and to me personally, that he got a commitment from Senator Manchin or [Manchin] would have to go back on his word,” Jayapal told reporters on a Monday afternoon press call. “And obviously yesterday, the senator took the latter path and went back on this word. That lack of integrity is stunning in a town where people say the only thing that you have is your word.”

The White House statement is similar.

We can argue about what the best strategy for progressives was and is.  In theory, public criticism of Manchin could be useful if Manchin needs to separate himself politically from the mainstream of the Democratic party.  But the actual criticism aimed at Manchin has been insulting and it’s hard to see how it serves a useful purpose.  I understand that Democrats in Congress are angry, and their voters are angry, but anger is not a plan.  When you need to persuade someone to do something they are not inclined to do, insulting them is generally not a good place to start.