Get A Booster shot

Many months and many mutations ago, I argued that one shot of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine was enough to protect against the original Sars Cov2. Since then delta. It doesn’t especially evade, but is more generally fit and I thought (and probably didn’t post) that two shots are needed given delta. Now omicron. Pfizer just claimed that three shots are enough against omicron, although two are not. Putting my shoulder where my mouth wasn’t (until now) I got a booster on Sunday.

My alternative running title is “non c’e’ 2 senza 3” that is: there isn’t two without three. This is an Italian saying, basically meaning if you do something twice, you will do it again. It seems to fit the evolving (in a Darwinian sense) situation, except this blog is angrybear not orsoarrabbiata (literally rabid bear which would be about as alarming as omicron)