e pluribus pluribus

The defense against COVID-19 called for an all-out united effort. In times past, America would have risen to the challenge. Much of the failure to respond is attributable to the deep political divide that grips the country. A divide that was fostered and nurtured by the Republican Party for political purposes. (Yes, Judy, it is the Republican Party that is responsible)

The coincidence of Trump’s election and the appearance of the virus was an unfortunate, catastrophic happenstance. One that could have been offset by a normally functioning Congress. In the House, much of this dysfunction was attributable to Republicans such as Darrell Issa, Doug Collins, Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordan, … In the Senate, most of the discord is attributable to Mitch McConnell and his cadre of toads with a little assistance from time to time from the likes of Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, ….

Issa, Collins, Gowdy, Jordan, … used committee inquiry to weaken Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s most likely 2016 candidate. McConnell opposed anything Barack Obama proposed, simply because he proposed it, from the get-go.

In times past, leaders of both parties wished presidents of the opposition party success, fully understanding that the welfare of the nation was at stake. Not so, McConnell. No so, those House Republicans listed.

The COVID pandemic called for a unified response. Had there been a unified response from Congress, the norm when the Nation faces threat, there would have been production and distribution of protective clothing, masks, …, more adherence to best scientific reasoning, …. Instead, we got denial from the Whitehouse that was re-enforced by Republicans in both the House and the Senate. During this time of great danger to the Nation, Trump, and House and Senate Republicans put themselves and the Republican Party first; costing hundreds of thousands of Americans their lives.

Was it worth it, Senator?

Much of the partisanship is attributable to the use of cultural wedge issues by the Republican Party for some fifty years or more. They found that vitriolic partisanship inspired their constituents to get out and vote. Haters gotta hate.

The Freedom Caucus formed up from the likes of Jim Jordan, Andy Biggs, Mark Meadows, Louis Gohmert, Paul Gosar, Mo Brooks, … in January 2015 was prelude to Trump, to January 6, 2021. Seems more than a few of these members played a role in fomenting and abetting the insurrection. Former Speaker of the House John Boehner had this to say about the Freedom Caucus: “They can’t tell you what they are for. They can tell you everything they’re against. They’re anarchists. They want total chaos. Tear it all down and start over. That’s what their mindset is.”

The Nation’s pathetic response to the pandemic was a part of the price paid. Democracy’s hanging in the balance, another.