Boring post on “Slow Boring”

“Slow Boring” is Matthew Yglesias’s substack. I don’t subscribe. It’s about the money. I can afford it, but I don’t like the fact that Matthew Yglesias makes so much money. I am extremely envious. I admit it.

I think this is a very very common problem. Many people have asked Matthew Yglesias how he makes people so angry. I guess that they too are jealous.

Also the text “Slow Boring” is brilliant snark. It is a reference to Weber saying “Politics is a strong and slow boring of hard boards. It takes both passion and perspective. Certainly, all historical experience confirms the truth – that man would not have attained the possible unless time and again he had reached out for the impossible. But to do that a man must be a leader, and not only a leader but a hero as well, in a very sober sense of the word. And even those who are neither leaders nor heroes must arm themselves with that steadfastness of heart which can brave even the crumbling of all hopes. This is necessary right now, or else men will not be able to attain even that which is possible today.”

But it appears to be faux modesty (so is faux^2 modesty). It is impossible for me not to ask myself “if this is slow boring what would incredibly rapidly written and therefore topical and also interesting be?”

Also Ezra Klein. For one thing my daughter said of him “is he the one who is absurdly handsome ?”

Sometimes I almost almost understand why Glenn Greenwald has become such a whiny ass titty baby (in spite of making even more money than Matt Yglesias).