Having a Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving finds Bill is in Arizona in a new home. If he is not on site early in the morning, you will know why in the Midwest and East Coast. He reports the ordering of a turkey dinner this year as it was too difficult to move all the people together for a family dinner so soon. Christmas spent together will be a bigger celebration in 2021.

My own family is all together for the first time in a couple years in California. We traveled there a few days ago.

However, Thanksgiving can be had anywhere and at any time whether traveling or at home. Akin to Thanksgiving are such things as inviting two others to dine with you in a crowded airport restaurant. Or inviting a new neighbor to your home for Thanksgiving demonstrating the spirit of it.

Thanksgiving is not just one time per year.

We wish contributors, commenters, and readers a healing time in whatever form it takes with family, friends, or strangers. Bill and I both thank you for your loyalty and participation.