Let’s Make a Deal

Please! Please! Spare us the charade. No more denials. No more tear-jerking stories about job loss. We know that you fossils are not dumb. That what you fossils really want is to be bought out. With $Trillions of reserves on the block, who can blame you? Buying you out might be best. Certainly better than continuing to burn your products. Better yet, we use the money to develop carbon-free alternatives.

Considering that the fossil’s reserves will be worthless in another ten years, the fossils would probably settle for ten cents on the dollar, now; only after much protesting of course. That is what Manchin is up to; what the $Billions being spent on lobbying against climate change legislation is all about. Holding the Nation, the world, hostage like this is really bad. Blackmail bad. We’ve recently learned that the fossils have known about their products causing global warming for a long time. Which means that they have been putting their profits above all else for a long time. All sounds recently and historically all too familiar. Which also means that you fossils will probably be ordered to pay $Billions in fines when this gets to court. By the time this gets adjudicated: All of you fossils will be bankrupt; unable to pay anything. The planet’s goose will be cooked for hundreds of years. Billions of humans will have died. More of our fellow species gone extinct.

So. Here’s the deal fossils. Given that you won’t be able to pay whatever the courts assess, we won’t pay you anything for your reserves and call it even. We can call it even and quit using fossils within the next ten years. Your holding all of us hostage with your two-bit politicians, our allowing you to do so, is a suicide pact. No winners. Seven-eight billion human losers.