The Red List

On January 6, 2021, the Honorable Mo Brooks admonished Trump’s ‘Stop The Steal’ crowd to, “… start taking names and kicking ass.” ‘Open Sesame’, Mo; just for you. Beginning with Alabama’s own little theocrat, Kay Ivey; then, Mississippi’s Tate Reeves; then, Tennessee’s Bill Lee, then Missouri’s Mike Parson; then, Texas’s Greg Abbott; then, Florida’s Ron Desantis; then, Idaho’s Brad Little; then, South Dakota’s Kristi Noem; then, North Dakota’s Doug Burgum; then, Arkansas’s Asa Hutchinson. Ten be enough for starters, Mo?

Notice, Mo: All ten are Republicans? All were at least once rabid Trump supporters? All are responsible for thousands of unnecessary deaths from COVID-19?

Mo, these people were elected to govern their states. To provide leadership. That’s a big job. One that requires a good mind, and good management skills. How in the hell did this sorry lot conclude that their job was to impose an ideology, a religion on the people? To govern from the scriptures? With ideology? To govern by the polls? This approach to governance has cost each of these states thousands and thousands of lives. Thousands have died who shouldn’t have. Some of the Governors listed were a little weak in the head; probably weren’t up to the task. That’s OK; what staffs are for. But, when they do the wrong things because of an ideology, of their religion; when they are faced with reality, they blither on about religion and dogma, make the wrong decision time after time, that’s a crime. At the very least, this lot should all step down; let someone capable of being Governor takeover. For the better of these States, of the United States; the relatives of the victims of their malfeasance should sue every last one of the ten listed into penury.

Mo, know how you Alabamans do so like to dis California, especially San Francisco; but, both San Francisco’s infection rate and death rate from COVID-19 are about one-third of Alabama’s. Suppose it’s because of the hedonism. Oh, and Mo, in re all the problems in your home state of Alabama? You are a symptom, not the solution.