But, but Susan Collins Promised!

“Kavanaugh Helps Gut Roe, Critics Recount All the Times Susan Collins Said He Wouldn’t,” Common Dreams, Jake Johnson

I am stealing this from Common Dreams. Senator (sigh) Susan Collins has done this on numerous times in the past and pulls the football away, again when Dems get ready to kick it. She knows she is wrong each time and does not want to take party guff for making a decision worth something besides just going along.

“The Republican from Maine “will forever be the U.S. senator who gaslit a nation and her constituents and voted to install Brett Kavanaugh,” said one critic.”

In a 2018 speech announcing her decisive vote in favor of confirming right-wing judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine insisted . . . despite the abundance of evidence to the contrary . . . that he (Brett) would value legal precedent and not support efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“This is Susan Collins’ court and her legacy.” — Marie Follayttar, Mainers for Accountable Leadership

But less than three years later, Kavanaugh effectively did just that by joining four of his fellow conservative justices late Wednesday in voting to leave in place Texas’ six-week abortion ban, the most restrictive in the nation. While the court’s 5-4 majority claimed in a brief unsigned order that its decision “is not based on any conclusion about the constitutionality of Texas’ law,” analysts argued that the conservative justices’ move guts Roe v. Wade “under the cover of a procedural punt.”

In the weeks ahead of her vote to confirm Kavanaugh . . . a Trump nominee who was accused of sexual assault . . . Collins repeatedly expressed her belief that the judge “reveres our Constitution” and would not approve of overturning Roe, a 1973 decision that established abortion as a constitutional right.

A compilation of Collins’ remarks posted online in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Wednesday order offers a glimpse at some of the Maine senator’s past comments touting Kavanaugh’s expressed commitment to keeping Roe intact:

I have suggested such several times, Lucy will keep moving the football every time she is called upon to stand for something. This is somebody’s grandmother who will always find faux – good in the little boy or purpose before her to be decided upon. I would hope someone would take the time to admonish her.