I Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Masked Customers

I am sure there are better places to eat in northern Texas where the restaurant owners understand why people would want to wear a mask.

Natalie Wester and her husband, Jose, went to hang out in North Dallas suburban sports bar with some friends on September 11 – LOVE BY LIFE

“He (owner) added that his restaurant (pictured) is a private business and has (he) the right to refuse service to customers wearing a mask.”

He said: “I’ve spent my money on business, my blood, sweat and tears in this business, and I don’t want masks here. The overall response to masks in the United States is ridiculous right now.”

Not sure why they did not leave the bar anyway after hearing the noise in the bar and the crowd. However, this is not really the issue though, now is it? Sound familiar?

“I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.”

(whispering . . . “especially if you are black, gay, foreign, etc.).”

Some detail on the wearing of masks.

The 6 things doctors wish patients knew about masks | American Medical Association (ama-assn.org)

Unmasking the surgeons: the evidence base behind the use of facemasks in surgery (nih.gov)

The business owner got one thing right, the uproar to the wearing of masks is ridiculous on the part of those who refuse to wear them.