Angry Bear readership up 28%

Over this year, our readership has grown by >28% as measured by Google Analytics which uses a thirty-day rolling average to reflect solid trends in readership. The Bear, better known as Angry Bear in the blogosphere, is well past the initial milestone of consistency and maintenance of readership and the associated increases.

No small achievement.

An array of thank yous to newer Angry Bear contributors Eric Kramer, Ken Melvin, Michael Smith; colleagues Barkley Rosser, Peter Dorman, Sandwichman, and pgl (based at Econospeak); the prolific New Deal democrat (based at Bonddad blog); long time contributors Robert Waldman, Ken Houghton, Dale Coberly, and other commenters/ bloggers like RJS, Joseph Joyce, etc.

Especial credit to run75441 (Bill H.) for his posts (startup series on Medicare) and for keeping the heart of Angry Bear front and center.

Dan Crawford