Changing Dynamics in Florida, Current Covid Deaths Exceed Previous Deaths

COVID Taking Center Stage, Rubio is Winning — DeSantis is Losing; “Political Interests,” The Listener Group

In a recent poll of 1000 likely Florida voters, there has been a swing from previous polls 8 weeks earlier. With the new surge of Covid, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio ( R) is maintaining his lead against democratic challenger Val Demmings (55%-45%).

However, when it comes to the other races, we see a dramatic shift in the voters take on Governor Ron DeSantis’ handling of the pandemic as well as how he has lost a great deal of traction versus both Democrat opponents.

When you look at the data on the following pages you will see. As of today, the two democrat contenders (Charlie Crist and Nikki Fried) are stronger with their own party base than Ron DeSantis is with the Republican base.

First, when rating the handling of the Pandemic:

  • DeSantis has 53.8% rating having either an unfavorable or very unfavorable opinion on how he is handling the overall pandemic.
  • However, when you break it out by party lines, we see Republicans are still strongly supportive of his actions with 66.2% having a combined favorable and very favorable opinion of his handling of the situation.

Next, we see a complete flip from 8 weeks ago today. Charlie Crist leading DeSantis 56.7% to 43.3%.

What appears to be the biggest part of the flip is the amount of grasp each has within their party. With Democrats we see Crist having 89.8% of his base whereas with the Republicans we see DeSantis only taking 74.7% of the GOP responders.

The same exists when looking at a race between Nikki Fried and Ron DeSantis, we see that same dynamic scenario with energizing their own party. Between then Fried gains 82.9% of Democratic voters as compared to 74.9% of Republican voters choosing DeSantis.

The dynamic here is whether Florida would flip?