The completely preventable “delta wave” is here

Coronavirus dashboard for July 12: the completely preventable “delta wave” is here

The completely unnecessary and preventable “delta wave” of COVID infections, hospitalizations, and deaths is now in force – all three metrics are now rising nationwide.

Here are the 7 day average of confirmed cases (thin line) and deaths (thick):

Cases have gone up roughly 50% from their 11,300 troughs 3 weeks ago. Deaths likely bottomed 7 days ago.
Hospitalizations (graph from the CDC) have also started rising in the past week or so:

There are July 4 artifacts in almost all the new data, which won’t pass out of the 7 day averages for several more days. Also, about half of the States have apparently decided that COVID is so “over” that they no longer need to report on the weekends. 

With those caveats, here are a few graphs of the worst-affected States.
Here are Arkansas, Missouri, and Nevada:

And here they are for spring and summer 2020 for comparison:

Arkansas and Missouri have already matched their worst summer 2020 levels. Nevada is at less than half of its worst levels.

Next, here are Florida and Arizona, both of which had the worst summer outbreaks last year:

Here they are for comparison last year:

Florida is currently only at a little over 1/4 of its worst level from 2020, and Arizona is at about 1/6th of last year’s worst levels.

I expect the situation for all of the above States, except possibly Arizona, to change considerably for the worse before the end of this month.

All of which was completely preventable.