Michigan Republican’s Solution to Supposed Risky Voting Practices

Senator McBroom’s Report – Picking Up from Where I Left Off

Republican UP State Senator Ed McBroom: “‘the bills should not be seen as challenging the validity of the November election, but as ways to tighten ‘safeguards’ from ‘real vulnerabilities.'”

So, the Republicans can pass legislation to resolve those “real vulnerabilities” McBroom worries about. Republicans have controlled the State Senate since the early 1980s from what I am told by knowledgeable people. Except for a few years and since 1990, Republicans have controlled the the State House. This year, Republicans have the House and the Senate; but, they lack the Governorship. But since they have a majority in each, they can pass the legislation they wish.

They will have to vote to override Governor Whitmer’s veto.

Detroit Free Press, Michigan Republican-led investigation rejects Trump’s claim: Outside of Whitmer’s veto threat, Democratic legislators have slammed the restriction bills as a political response to Trump’s loss in Michigan. Democrats Many point to Republican Senator Mc Broom’s recent report the GOP-led Senate Oversight Committee which he chairs and was dismissing lies about widespread fraud in the 2020 election.

Senator McBroom’s Target?

Bridge Michigan, GOP targets no-ID ballots to cut fraud of 2 tenths of 1% in 2020: “Republicans are targeting approximately 14,000 Michiganders voting in person without photo identification in 2020 after signing an affidavit to confirm their identity. It is a convenient and rarely used option which end under a controversial Senate Republican election reform plan

Roughly 1 in 4 affidavits were in Detroit. The practice is hardly limited to large cities or Democratic strongholds. Voters in 82 out of 83 Michigan counties used the option to vote without identification last year, according to state data released this week, and analyzed by Bridge Michigan.”  

This is not unusual for Republicans to target Detroit for any supposed issue.

So What is Next?

Republicans could try to over ride Whitmer’s veto with a 2/3rds vote in the Senate and the House. Or

The Detroit News, “Michigan GOP leader reveals plans to go around Whitmer:” Republicans could also do a voter initiative petitioning voters.

If Republicans obtain enough signatures (more than 340,000), the GOP-controlled Legislature can approve the voting restrictions without Whitmer being able to veto it.”

And the New Law?

Briefly; “I’m sure (eliminating the option) will reduce voter turnout, especially amongst people with lower incomes and people with disabilities,” said Felicia Rutledge, the Democratic clerk in Inkster, a Detroit suburb where 28 of 10,529 voters cast in-person ballots without an ID.

“Some people are not able to travel to go get a license, and there is a fee.”

The Senate Republican proposal would eliminate the option to sign affidavits and require voters without IDs to cast provisional ballots. Voters approval occurring upon supply of Ds and proof of residence in six days.

And, for the first time, the legislation would also require applicants to include a photocopy of their driver license or other photo ID when applying for an absentee ballot by mail, a provision that election administrators fear could discourage voters and open them up to identity theft.