#TangPing (“lying flat”)

#TangPing (“lying flat”)

China’s new ‘tang ping’ trend aims to highlight pressures of work culture (from BBC)

Young people in China exhausted by a culture of hard work with seemingly little reward are highlighting the need for a lifestyle change by “lying flat”.

The new trend, known as “tang ping”, is described as an antidote to society’s pressures to find jobs and perform well while working long shifts.

China has a shrinking labour market and young people often work more hours.

The term “tang ping” is believed to have originated in a post on a popular Chinese social media site.

“Lying flat is my wise movement,” a user wrote in a since-deleted post on the discussion forum Tieba, adding: “Only by lying down can humans become the measure of all things.”

The comments were later discussed on Sina Weibo, another popular Chinese microblogging site, and the term soon became a buzzword.

The idea behind “tang ping” – not overworking, being content with more attainable achievements and allowing time to unwind – has been praised by many and inspired numerous memes. It has been described as a spiritual movement.